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The Questions to these answers are in the previous article

Answer 1

The base word is Startling - starting - staring - string - sting - sing - sin - in - I


Answer 2

Take two (2) of the nines (9) and make them a fraction which is 9/9 which equals one (1) and add it to the other two (2) nines (9) which will be 99+1=100!


Answer 3

The facts in this riddle are clear: There is an initial €30 charge. It should have been €25, so €5 must be returned and accounted for. €3 is given to the 3 friends, €2 is kept by the bellhop - there you have the €5.

The trick to this riddle is that the addition and subtraction are done at the wrong times to misdirect your thinking - and quite successfully for most.

Each of the 3 friends did indeed pay €9, not €10, and as far as the friends are concerned, they paid €27 for the night. But we know that the clerk will tell us that they were charged only €25 and when you add the €3 returned with the €2 kept by the bellhop, you come up with €30.


Answer 4



Answer 5

Plant them in shape of a star:


Answer 6

Tilt the barrel until the wine barely touches the lip of the barrel. If the bottom of the barrel is visible then it is less than half full. If the barrel bottom is still completely covered by the wine, then it is more than half full.

Answer 7

Sally was blind... she was reading a book in Braille.


Answer 8

There are six F's in the sentence.  One of average intelligence finds  three of them.  If you spotted four, you're above average.  If you got five, you can turn your nose up at most anybody.  If you caught six, you are a genius.  There is no catch.  Many people forget the OFs.  The human brain tends to see them as "V's" instead of "F's".


Answer 9

The trawler rises with the waves so no step will go under water.


Answer 10

From the base to the summit, the volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the tallest.  Most of it just happens to be underwater

Mt McKinley in Alaska is tallest on land

Mt Everest is the highest, but not the tallest because it starts on the high Tibetan Plateau.


Answer 11

935.  With all the other numbers, the 3rd digit equals the product of the other 2.


Answer: 12

Because then it wouldn't be a nose any more; it would become a foot! (12 inches and above - easy!)


Answer: 13

1113213211. After the first line, each line describes the previous line as follows:
one 1
2 Ones
One 2, One 1
(and so on...)


Answer 14

Fill the 3 gallon container with beer and pour it into the 5 gallon container. Then fill the 3-gallon container again and keep pouring it into the 5-gallon container till the latter is full to the brim. One gallon will be left in the 3-gallon container.


Answer 15
There are three possible solutions for this - 51 and 15. 42 and 24. 60 and 06.




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