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The Eco Leadership Forum on sustainability in today's printing industryThe Eco Leadership Forum on sustainability in today's printing industryHP has announced details of its forthcoming Eco Leadership Forum at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf in May. The forum is an attempt by HP to focus on the key sustainability questions that concern today's printing industry.

In an effort to try and address these questions and the issues related to them, HP has assembled a panel of experts, each of whom are at the forefront of printing industry sustainability.

The term appears to be an easy one to understand. In short it’s been described as the practices and products we think are environmentally friendly. But what does ‘environmentally friendly’ really mean to manufacturers and printers alike. How far can each go on the Eco ladder from a commercial viewpoint? HP’s Eco Leadership Forum initiative should be an interesting meeting of minds, not least because our industry has been accused of not really addressing this issue seriously.

Visitors to drupa will have the opportunity to attend each hour-long panel discussion and participate in the debate, which will take place at the HP tent, located outside of hall 4.

The Eco Leadership Forum schedule will comprise of two sessions. Each one will examine how the printing industry can develop a common understanding of what sustainability means, as well as considering how environmental performance can be improved across the industry:

The first session on Saturday 5th May, at 15.45 is: Sharing knowledge across the supply chain.

The second on Tuesday 8th May, also at 15.45 is: Improving environmental performance

The sessions will be moderated by Stephen Goddard, Environmental Leadership Program Manager HP GSB (Graphics Solutions Business), and will welcome a cross-section of print service providers, consultancy and industry association panellists, including:

•        Laurel Brunner, Verdigris

•        Frazer Chesterman, EcoPrint

•        Marci Kinter, SGIA and Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

•        Matthias Hausmann, CEWE Color (5th May only)

•        Richard Owers, Pureprint (8th May only)

"Sustainability is becoming increasingly critical to the future success of printing businesses around the world, and even to the future of the printing industry itself," said Goddard. "An important aspect of the Eco Leadership Forum events will be to look at how knowledge can be best shared across the supply chain to help align the industry behind common objectives."

The need to build a more sustainable future for the printing industry remains a significant challenge and print service providers are at the sharp end of this challenge. As such, we encourage anyone wishing to hear what the experts have to say - as well as have their own voice heard - to sign up for what we anticipate to be a thoroughly lively and informative event.

Those wishing to attend the Eco Leadership Forum and participate in the discussion are invited to register at:


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