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Easily updateable with no adhesive required.

Penny wall sign Penny wall sign
Penny wall sign Penny wall sign

Vista System International, a leading supplier of Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied its updateable Directory Wall Frames solution to "GRAFITALIA SNC" for installation at Penny Market chain of supermarkets across Italy.

The client required a smart signage design that would allow him to frequently update the time schedule of the supermarket stores, and at the same time to advertise special deals and discounts. Vista System's Directory signs with eight separated graphics areas were chosen as the ideal answer for this project primarily due to there ease of installation and update capability. So far, more than 330 signs have been ordered for the ongoing project.

Vista said its sign frames are extremely easy to update. The graphic inserts are held firmly in place thanks to the curved shape of the frames, and no adhesives are required. When an update is needed, the graphic inserts can be popped out easily by using the Vista Key suction cup.

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