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printMAX introduce Eco-Sol Max 3 upgrade offer.

As many readers will have seen over the last few months, Roland DG has been making updates to its genuine range of inks, Eco-Sol Max. The Eco-Solvent inks have been historically available in versions 1 and 2, in 440cc or 220cc cartridges, used across their full range of Eco-Solvent, roll-to-roll printers.

The updates Roland made have resulted in a new generation of Eco-Solvent ink, Eco-Sol Max 3, available for the first time in 500cc cartridges along with the smaller 220cc. This new ink can be used across almost all Roland Eco-Solvent printers following a simple upgrade process, taking approximately 60-90 minutes.

The inks come with additional user benefits, as you would expect from any “upgrade”. As previously mentioned, they are now available in 500cc cartridges at a lower price per cc than ever before, allowing for overall cheaper running costs. On this note, it is also worth mentioning that during Roland DG’s test on these inks it was seen that there was an overall average decrease of ink usage in comparison to versions 1 and 2 of almost 10 per cent, again offering savings on running costs.

Other benefits being highlighted are faster drying times, increasing production capabilities and an improved overall performance. Eco-Sol Max 3 inks have also been designed to meet the latest health and safety criteria, currently in affect in certain EU countries and likely to be introduced to the UK.

The upgrade process is something you can do yourself with phone assistance from printMAX. Following an order for the new inks, there is a simple conversion process using a conversion kit sent out free of charge, tailored specifically for each printer. The process involves the installation of firmware and the switching over of inks, taking approximately 60-90 minutes. The conversion kits sent out will be determined from a printer’s serial number, should this highlight the potential for further assistance required, as can be the case with some legacy models due to the make-up of the machine, printMAX will be sending out engineers free of charge to convert the machine and ensure there are no complications.

For a short time, printMAX are offering 3 for 2 on sets of Eco-Sol Max 3 ink for all conversions in order to make it easier than ever to upgrade, along with exchanging any sealed cartridges of Eco-Sol Max 1 or 2. Their consumables team are also on hand for any questions you may have with regards to the upgrade.

For more information please visit,-get-one-free/ or give the team a call on 0044(0)1420 511539.

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