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Focus to be on sustainability

HP has announced details of its plans for the forthcoming EcoPrint Europe 2012 event, to be held in Berlin on September 26 – 27.

EcoPrint will see HP reiterate its focus on sustainability such as the HP Designjet L26500 PrinterEcoPrint will see HP reiterate its focus on sustainability such as the HP Designjet L26500 PrinterEcoprint 2012 is the inaugural staging of this show and HP said that it will reiterate its focus on sustainability at the event. In particular, it hopes to emphasise the commercial benefits achievable for print service providers (PSPs) that deploy technology designed to reduce the impact on the environment.

The company added that this will be demonstrated via live printing applications on the HP Designjet L26500 Printer, which features water-based inks that produce odourless prints; as well as through educational presentations and discussions.

HP will hold two informative presentations as part of the event's Ecoshowcase activity:

More sustainable choices for retail store decoration

26th September, 13.00hrs

This session will review some of the latest solutions for decorating retail stores and creating retail signage in a way that increases customer impact, whilst reducing environmental impact.

The environmental benefits of digital printing of labels & packaging

27th September, 13.00hrs

This session will look at examples of how brand owners have been able to reduce inventory, waste and the carbon footprint in their label and packaging supply chains, whilst enhancing their ability to make rapid design changes.

In addition to its educational presentations, Stephen Goddard, environmental leadership programme manager for HP's Graphics Solutions Business, will host a panel discussion on recent sustainability developments in the USA. Often an early indicator to what can influence methods and practices in Europe, this discussion will consider where the market is headed in terms of environmental issues.

Part of this session will look at the work of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a not for profit organisation that is starting to win the support of well-known brands, some of which are already requesting that PSPs undertaking work for them have attained SGP certification. According to Goddard, environmental certification like the one from SGP can not only drive PSPs to take a structured approach to sustainability improvement in their print shop, but can also provide them with a 'badge of honour' to  demonstrate their sustainability credentials to their customers.

"Most PSPs would readily acknowledge that more and more customers - especially international brand owners - demand more sustainable print solutions and, increasingly, drive them to implement more sustainable production methods," he explained.

"Those forward-thinking PSPs that have taken such necessary steps would concur that printing with the environment in mind can be good for business; saving them - and even making them - money.”

Goddard believes that print business owners need to be at the heart of the discussion. EcoPrint provides the ideal forum to present new ideas, look at best practice and help PSPs to make informed decisions regarding their own environmental choices.

To register for EcoPrint, please visit: EcoPrint Registration

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