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Company supports Cap COP 21 climate change initiative.

Matthew Botfield Environment Manager at Antalis UKMatthew Botfield Environment Manager at Antalis UKAntalis, one of Europe's leading paper, visual communications and packaging solutions merchant, will join like-minded organisations committed to the environmental cause in supporting *Cap COP 21, a series of events to help protect the environment. The initiative, organised in the run up to the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change conference (COP 21), includes meetings, informative events and discussion forums which will be held in the run-up to the main conference, which will take place in Paris, France in December 2015.

Commenting on the Antalis Group's commitment to partner the initiative, Oliver Guichardon, CSR Director at Sequana, parent company of Antalis says, "Climate change is a global issue, for which we must find solutions at the local level. The paper industry is often singled out, even though it has in fact made huge efforts to protect the environment. This is one of the messages that we will communicate at Cap COP 21."

As a partner of the Cap COP 21 event, Antalis will sit alongside companies similarly committed to the environmental cause, and before a wide panel of stakeholders aiming to show the way in the fight against climate change.

"This is an opportunity for Antalis to present the many measures it takes to protect the environment," adds Matthew Botfield, Environment Manager at Antalis UK. "We will be able to highlight best practices and to make sure that the voice of the paper industry is heard as it is often wrongly accused of being the main culprit of deforestation."

The first in the series of events was a panel discussion themed 'Businesses and climate change: what innovations can combat the crisis?' on Thursday 9th April, and will draw to a close with a major European study on how climate issues are perceived by European citizens. For more information on the Cap COP 21 initiative, go to

*About Cap COP 21

Initiated by EcoAct, a global leader in the climate change economy, Cap COP 21 aims to promote the development of innovative, practical and collective solutions to help protect the environment. The initiative, organised in the run up to the COP 21 Conference, includes meetings, information events and discussions leading up to the main event in December 2015 in Paris, at the United Nations conference.

For more information, visit

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