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Advanced course in vehicle wrapping by Avery

Last March, Print Solutions ran a two-day training event at its premises in the Western Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, in conjunction with Avery Dennison to demonstrate car wrapping techniques and also to launch Avery's Supreme Wrapping Film.

Car wrap application by Avery Specialist ApplicatorsCar wrap application by Avery Specialist ApplicatorsAs a follow up to this, Print Solutions has decided to go one step further by bringing Avery’s specialist training academy to Dublin to further upskill some of its customers on the finer points of vehicle wrapping.

So far two sessions have been planned for the 11-12th July and for the same dates in September.

David Ryan, a Print Solutions sales manager explained a little of the background and what will happen during the sessions.

“Basically it’s a follow up to the open days in March,” said Ryan. “In the past we used to bring customers over to Avery’s Graphic Centre Academy in Holland for more ‘one-on-one training’ sessions.”

After the open days, the company sent out a follow-up letter thanking those that attended and notifying customers of a more advanced training course they intended to host.

Ryan commented that Avery run specialist training courses in Holland for 10 people at a time so Print Solutions decided to bring the academy to Dublin this time.

“Avery are sending one of their Specialist Installers to run the course for us here in our premises which will be based on the academy courses in Holland,” continued Ryan.  “We had a huge response to the letter which we sent out. The only difficulty was selecting 10 people to attend the first session which we decided to do on a first come first served basis. Both dates are now fully booked.”


The course is structured so that there will be an initial theory section which will explain to participants all about the various Avery materials which are used in wrapping and how these are manufactured. The next stage is devoted to hands-on practical training.

“We have a car and a jeep for the attendees to work on,” said Ryan. “The car is going to be a full colour change wrap from silver to white using Supreme Wrapping film and the jeep will be used to teach people how to apply other Avery vinyls as well as learning new methods to overcome difficult situations such as curves, different indents etc. The Specialist Installer will start off by working on a panel on the car and then the ten participants will be broken into two teams of five. Each team will be allocated various tasks, one on the car and the second on the jeep as well as on two panels which will be used for specialist training. The whole purpose is to get people used to working with different vinyls and on a variety of surfaces. The van doors for example which are mounted on frames would have a deeper recess than a car.”

As Ryan pointed out, no two vehicles are the same so this advanced course is designed to give participants that extra bit of knowledge and know-how to overcome the many difficulties that come with using a variety of vinyls on different surfaces.

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