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Online discussions offer advice on

aspects of Digital and Sign & Display markets.

antalis antalis In another innovative approach to marketing its products, Antalis UK has launched a series of informative podcasts covering a range of topics. The aim is to help Print Service Providers select a substrate that best fits their needs.

As part of its Digital2Business (D2B) initiative, Antalis will present a number of these covering a range of topical industry issues, each designed to further demonstrate its' commitment to innovation and product development in the substrate market. These online discussions will include topics such as new innovations in digital papers, markets, colour management and new developments in small format digital. To ensure that the podcasts are inclusive, customers will also be able to suggest topics that they would like covered by 'Asking the Experts' via the D2B online community.

Recorded at the Antalis Digital Academy, the first in the series is hosted by experts Giles Bristow, Digital Support Manager and Chris Green, Sign & Display specialist at Antalis UK who discuss the importance of environmental responsibility within substrate selection, a particularly topical issue given the increase in landfill tax for non-recyclable materials.

During the podcast, the two outline the issues affecting retailers today in terms of their corporate social responsibility, highlighting the potential cost benefits of choosing a biodegradable product in terms of a reduction in landfill costs and the potential of selling recyclable products. They also outline some of the new substrates that offer solutions to meet both retailers POS and CSR requirements.

Commenting on this latest initiative, Giles Bristow, Digital Support Manager at Antalis added: "We are dedicated to finding new ways to educate and inform our customer base about the diverse range of substrates that are available, and to commit to industry improvements and new substrate innovations.

"It's really important that we share our knowledge as much as possible so print service providers have access to the latest trends, issues and product innovations. Over the course of the weeks to come, we'll be adding further podcasts to the series which will become a useful reference archive held on our D2B website, from which anyone can call on for advice - free of charge!"

To listen to the podcasts and for further information and advice, please visit or tweet @antalis_d2b.

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