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By Frazer McMenzie.


This time I thought I would share with you “Ten of my favourite Formula 1 Cars” of all time again. There are a few reasons for my various selections. Again these cars may have not been the most successful, but my only Criteria were that they are all Formula 1. I have selected my cars based on personal preference and innervations along with some of my heroes who drove the cars which I love.  Please feel free to share your views about these top 10 in the comments section below as I will be researching different cars and teams over the coming weeks.


So let’s see my top ten in reverse order, starting at number 10.


Number 10


BAR Honda - BAR 007,  2005

British American Racing has had far from a successful time in Formula 1 getting only one pole position in 17 races with no wins. So what is so special about this car: BAR tested a modified BAR-Honda 007 car which they intended to use in an attempt to set the land speed record for a car meeting FIA Formula 1 regulations. The four published times recorded in this test were 393 km/h (244 mph), 405 km/h (252 mph), 410 km/h (255 mph) and 413 km/h (257 mph).

BAR Honda - BAR 007BAR Honda - BAR 007

Number 9


Maserati - 250F, 1957

Many people call it the definitive Maserati. I love this car because of its history This is the car Fangio drove at the famous German Grand Prix of 1957.With 22 laps remaining he was 48 seconds behind race leader Mike Hawthorn; and in those laps he broke the lap record at the Nürburgring 10 times, passing Hawthorn on the final lap for victory. What a story and what an amazing machine!

Maserati - 250FMaserati - 250F

Number 8


Lotus - 79, 1978/1979

Colin Chapman’s "Black Beauty", the lotus 79 with its John Player cigarettes livery. I have seen this car in the flesh and it is magnificent machine. The 79 dominated the 1978 Formula 1 season, taking six victories and securing both the driver’s and constructor’s championships. It is credited for launching Formula 1 into the aerodynamics era and is featured frequently on lists of the most beautiful race cars.

Lotus – 79Lotus – 79

Number 7


Tyrrell - P34, 1976/1977

Yes I know a six wheel Formula 1 car? The theory here was that these would increase the total contact patch at the front of the cars, thereby increasing grip, as well as reducing the lift created by standard front wheels. And it worked for a while with drivers Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler recording a one-two finish at the 1976 Swedish Grand Prix. However the 1977 car struggled and the concept was dropped for '78.

Tyrrell - P34Tyrrell - P34

Number 6


Brabham - BT46B, 1978

Like the above Tyrrell here is another example of design outside the box. Known as the "fan car," the Brabham BT46b was one of the truly innovative cars in the history of F1. As a counter to the dominant "ground-effect" cars of the era, the BT46B sported a large fan on the back of the car which sucked air from underneath the floor, creating huge down force. It is the only car to have a 100% winning record it entered a race in Sweden Nikki Lauda won, the fan was banned after one race!

Brabham - BT46BBrabham - BT46B

Number 5


Ferrari - 312T, 1975/1976

This car won four constructors' and three drivers' championships across five seasons. I cannot imagine that feat ever being repeated! The 312T was a complete revolution and could be seen as the first car that resembles the basic configuration of a modern F1 car. Personally I believe The Ferrari 312T is one of the most beautiful racing cars ever designed, and along with one of my heroes Nikki Lauda at the wheel, this car has to be in any top ten list of Formula One cars.

Ferrari - 312TFerrari - 312T

Number 4


Ferrari -F2004, 2004

With the F2004 it was the final year, due to regulations, that teams could run a 3.0litre V10 Engine. Add to that the Aero packages and computer assistance teams were running and you have what many would agree is the fastest Formula 1 car ever! In a 20 race season it won 15 races, set 12 pole positions and 14 fastest laps, many of which still stand 9 years later.  Next year Formula One cars will run 1.5litre V6 engines! But at least Turbo Charging returns after a 24 year ban.

Ferrari -F2004Ferrari -F2004

Number 3

Williams - FW14B, 1991/1992

The Williams FW14 was a Formula One car designed by Adrian Newey. The design showed enough promise to tempt Nigel Mansell to shelve his plans to retire from the sport and rejoin Williams from Ferrari. Disbelievers said the car was too technical for its own good. The FW14B was so successful that its successor (the FW15), which was already available mid season in 1992, was never used. It won 17 of the 32 races it ran in.

Williams - FW14BWilliams - FW14B

Number 2


McLaren - MP4/4, 1988

It was designed by American engineer Steve Nichols, with assistance from the team's Technical Director Gordon Murray. This car with Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna at the wheel was virtually unbeatable. Entering 16 races it won 15 set 15 pole positions and 10 lap records powered by a Honda 2.5Litre V6 Turbo.  It is one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever built, and a true icon of the sport.


McLaren - MP4-4McLaren - MP4-4

Number 1


Tyrrell - 002/003, 1971

The 1971 Tyrrell 003 has won eight Grand Prix races, more than any other individual car. Driven by Jackie Stewart, it debuted at the 1971 Spanish Grand Prix and won at the first attempt. Stewart and team mate François Cevert used different chassis throughout both 1971 and 1972, with Stewart having exclusive use of 003 and Cevert competing with 002.  Sadly at Watkins Glen, with Stewart having already clinched his third World Championship, Cevert was killed during the Saturday morning qualifying in the 002 car. Because of Cevert's death, Tyrell withdrew its entry for this GP, and Stewart did not run his final 100th race.

Tyrrell - 003Tyrrell - 003


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