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A perfect partnership.

Joe McNamara Joe McNamara Recently, Link Publishing, the powerhouse behind SignLink and Print Monthly, were given a full, guided tour of the Lotus F1 Team headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK by Joe McNamara, Visual Branding Manager in order to understand the lasting technical partnership between Roland DG and the Lotus F1 Team.

Equipped with a camera kit and list of questions, the team from Link Publishing was granted filming and interview rights with Joe, as well as the Lotus F1 Teamgraphic studio and Lotus’ show cars for use on Sign7 news. Editor Brendan Perring and his team explored with Joe why exactly Roland DG technology is such a fantastic fit for Formula 1, and in what ways print can be used in the industry.

McNamara said,

“The main piece of technology that we’ve got in the studio is the Roland XR-640 Pro-4. It’s a highly versatile and capable piece of equipment and we use it for everything from the tiny labels that go on the F1 car steering wheels right up to the large format prints that are used in our reception and hospitality areas, and everything in between. Even our E23 race cars both have had their liveries printed on the Pro-4, as well as the many show cars that we have dotted around the world.”

With a complete print solution provided by Roland DG, including the SOLJET PRO-4 XR-640 and the CAMM-1 PRO GX cutter equipped with a powerful cutting motor, the Lotus F1 Team is furnished with the tools to create anything from signage through to vehicle wraps and small detail pieces. ECO-SOL MAX ink also provides long lasting, durable graphics ideal for a wide array of applications and uses, making Roland DG technology highly suitable for the varied uses Lotus F1 Team has for the machines.

Said Brett Newman, Managing Director of Roland DG UK,

“Our machines are designed with precision in mind, capable of matching any timeframe you throw at them. Joe’s work proves that – from highly detailed vinyl work to massive prints, the XR-640 rises up to the challenge with ease time and time again, meeting the standards expected of a world-famous brand.”

In an industry with a focus on speed, reliability and attention to detail, Roland DG believes it has proven to be the perfect match for the Formula One spirit, with products created on the Roland machines visible throughout the Lotus F1 Team headquarters – as well as multiple Modela Pro II MDX-540 machines being put to work in other parts of the facility.

McNamara summed up the relationship,

“There are a lot of parallels between Roland DG technology and an F1 team, in that we both rely on something being right the first time. We operate in a high pressure atmosphere with very tight deadlines, and have absolutely no room for errors. When we need to get something printed, often at short notice, it’s reassuring to know the print technology we have is quick, reliable and always produces very high quality output.”

Link Publishing’s Sign 7 News piece can be viewed via their website here.

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