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Follows on from launch of Texart RT-640 & TexartCS-64 Calender Unit.

Roland Banner Dye Sublimation Guide Roland Banner Dye Sublimation Guide

Roland DG has announced that following the launch of its Texart RT-640 dye-sublimation printer and TexartCS-64 Calender Unit, the company has now launched a guide to dye-sublimation technology and the many business opportunities it presents.

It’s designed for companies that are new to the print industry, unfamiliar with the technology or are looking for tips to maximise their current investment. The Roland DG’s Dye Sublimation Guide with Digital Inkjet is being marketed as a comprehensive resource that provides an overview of this fast-growing and exciting market.

The guide contains:

  • Roland Texart RT-640Roland Texart RT-640Introduction to the dye-sublimation process, the technologies harnessing its capabilities and what it means for users in specific markets
  • Application possibilities in a host of creative sectors, from soft signage and rigid surfaces to interior décor and fashion
  • Software and other complementary technologies driving its development
  • Inspiring user stories

“There is a lot of untapped business potential in the dye-sublimation printing market and we want to help our customers to capitalise on the opportunities within it,” explained Darren Penny, Head of Sales, Roland DG (UK & Ireland). “While the TexartRT-640facilitates the production of highly imaginative and creative applications, this guide serves an introduction into the theory and methodology behind it all. The development of the TexartRT-640and Texart CS-64, ourcalender heat transfer system, was the result of years of R&D into the dye-sublimation market by Roland DG, and we’ve distilled our key findings and observations into this free-of-charge resource tool.”

For those looking to further their knowledge of dye-sublimation, The Roland Academy also offer a hands-on TexartDye Sublimation Better Business Bootcamp which offers a comprehensive overview of the products, processes and market.

To request a free-of-charge copy of Roland DG’s Dye Sublimation Guide with Digital Inkjet, available either as a digital PDF or physical copy, please visit:


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