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BESTSELLER In-plant BS Printhouse Streamlines Operations with an EFI midmarket productivity suite.

Danish based BS Printhouse is the in-house printing operation of one of Europe's leading fashion retailers, BESTSELLER. In keeping with the company's philosophy of providing quality products at affordable prices with fast delivery, the company has invested in an EFI Midmarket Productivity Suite. With EFI's Pace™ as its core MIS technology, the Midmarket Productivity Suite will provide BESTSELLER with end-to-end business and production workflow management, including web-to-print and e-commerce capability using the Suite's Digital StoreFront® software component.

Founded in 1975, the family-owned business, located in Brande, reaches 70 markets across Europe, the Middle East, Canada, India, and globally via e-commerce. In addition to providing print for BESTSELLER, BS Printhouse serves other B2B clients.

BS Printhouse is a fully digital shop producing a wide assortment of marketing materials including large format. As the in-plant serves the fashion industry it must adapt to the industry demands for fast turnarounds of short runs.

According to BS Printhouse Managing Director Henrik Dencker, having a single point of contact for all workflow needs shortens response time and was one of the reasons for selecting EFI. He also likes the idea of a single automated workflow from sales to final product delivery.

"We want to make the Productivity Suite the backbone of our print business, from the web shop to delivery," said Dencker. "We like having the sales process, estimating, scheduling, which is extremely important when you have so many short runs, and delivery in one system."

BS Printhouse will use Digital StoreFront to set up storefronts for its B2B clients giving them the ability to place new orders and re-order jobs using a web browser. BESTSELLER marketing managers will also be able to take advantage of the software by ordering print materials online. The web-to-print platform is the perfect offering for BS Printhouse as it provides one workflow for the operation staff but flexibility for ordering such that each storefront is tailored to each unique client and requirements.

As part of the complete, integrated Midmarket Productivity Suite, BS Printhouse's new web-to-print offering allows the in-plant to automate scheduling and production while allowing users to monitor job progress.

Previous experience with EFI also helped in the decision-making process. BS Printhouse uses EFI Fiery® digital front ends to drive its Canon® large-format printer and its Xerox® cut-sheet digital presses.

"We knew EFI from their digital front end technologies, and that made us confident that EFI would be able to develop into the future," commented Dencker. That confidence in EFI led BS Printhouse to evaluating EFI's workflow offerings, as the company was looking for more up-to-date functionality compared to the software it was using previously.

"An EFI Midmarket Productivity Suite with Pace and Digital StoreFront seemed to be the best choice," Dencker added.

"At EFI we are proud to be the partner of choice for the automation needs into the future of BESTSELLER's business," said Steffen Haaga, director of EFI Sales in EMEA. "This showcases the breadth of our portfolio, our end-to-end integration and our commitment to ongoing innovation."

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